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A face in the crowd

A key part of being part of Sunrise Toastmasters is when you are scheduled to perform a role. Whether it is the Timer, Grammarian, Evaluator, one of the Speakers or even the Toastmaster itself we all know how important each role is to the success of our meetings each week.

This is one of the most important elements of the Toastmasters concept: a set of well-defined roles, professionally and consistently handled according to established criteria that all add up to an intense, structured and useful hour each week.

So, if you don’t have a role, do you really need to be there? Absolutely you do.

“Enthusiastic Audience Member” may not be listed as a Toastmasters role but it makes a critical contribution to the success of every meeting. Public speaking needs a healthy public to speak to - creating atmosphere and buzz in the room. Your presence is helping your fellow members to get the most from their moment in the spotlight. And you benefit from watching others speak.

Furthermore, only members without a role can be chosen as Table Topics speakers – offering you that unique chance to develop your skills of improvisation.

Set your mind to set your alarm clock for 6.15am every Tuesday night, not just when you have a specific role.

Dallas Sunrise Toastmasters

March 2020

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