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Pathways Level 1 Simplified

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Here's an post to bookmark! It breaks down the steps for completing the Toastmasters' Level 1 on your Path. It can be an invaluable reference and cliffsnotes to get you started.

Pathways Level 1 cliff notes
Pathways Level 1 cliff notes

First, in the new Pathways program, there are currently 10 paths and each path has 5 levels you can follow: Dynamic Leadership, Effective Coaching, Innovative Planning, Leadership Development, Motivational Strategies, Persuasive Influence, Presentation Mastery, Strategic Relationships, Team Collaboration, and Visionary Communication. Each Path has multiple Levels. Level 1 is comprised of 4 projects.

Project #1 - Speech 1. It is an Icebreaker for any path you choose. This speech typically introduces you to the other members. Then you receive feedback from your evaluator and the group is also encouraged to write notes, too.

Project #2 - It is comprised of 2 speeches plus you give an evaluation of someone else’s speech.

  • Step 1. Speech 2 should be about any topic.

  • Step 2. Speech 3 incorporates the feedback you received on Speech 2. Optimally, you will use the same Evaluator in this step. He/she will review your speech and lets you know if you have addressed the initial recommendations.

  • Step 3. You are scheduled to give an evaluation of another member’s speech and are evaluated on your evaluation.

Project #3 - Speech 4. This exercise requires you to research a topic and present it to the club.

Project #4 - Take the online assessment when you complete projects 1, 2, and 3.

SUBMIT to complete Level 1 on the Toastmasters website.

Once you Submit Level 1, three people will get an email: the President, VP of Education, and the Secretary. Anyone of them can approve the Level for you. Once it is approved Level 2 in your Path will be available.

We hope this overview helps you on your journey.

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